``We were unsure about naming this new project after our surname. We didn’t want to be the only protagonists. But one day while sitting in the restaurant, we looked at the beautiful mountain that ascended on the horizon: Mount ROM. And the decision was easy. Our land, our gastronomy, our history and our name are all interlinked.``

Fausto Rom, Manager ROM Roses

Protagonists ROM



“Giving prominence to the local and natural ingredients is not an option for us.

It is not something that we had to put to debate.

All the team members working at ROM Roses are convinced that it is our obligation to respect the products from our land and sea, to select them meticulously each day and to balance them in the most inventive and delicious possible ways.

For us, cooking otherwise would be, in a way, to refuse a wonderful gift from someone who has made an inhuman effort to give it to us.”

Albert Lawrence, pastry chef



“Our grandparents, Carmen and Josep, founded Hostal Rom almost 70 years ago. Our mother, María José, followed the same path and refurbished the old family pension, managing it with a lot of love and affection up until today.

My brother and I, we learned that it is necessary to be persistent, to always treat customers with kindness and, above all, that hard work always pays in the end.

From our mother we learned, and we continue to learn, that the most important investment for a business is to form its team members. The trained employee is a motivated and productive employee and much more pleasant towards the client.

This philosophy – passed from generation to generation – translates into the superior treatment that characterises us in ROM Roses.”

Fausto Rom, Manager

Your opinion,


We went to lunch in this new restaurant and it was an incredible gastronomic experience. High quality produce, dishes with personality and logic. Extensive wine selection. Very friendly staff. We will definitely be back. Highly recommended!

Lunch at another level!

Paul B, Barcelona

Both my partner and I had dinner at ROM. Honestly everything was magnificent: quality produce, the waiters very well informed. We will repeat for sure. Recommendation: tuna tartare and cod fritters. The berries dessert, outstanding! The waiter recommended a wine and he was 100% right. Thank you very much for dinner, we'll see you soon.

Spectacular dinner!

ImmLo, Barcelona

Local beachfront location with stunning views, modern decoration and professional and very friendly service (the waitress made us feel very much at home). My first was pork rind chips with berries! I was blown away! Awesome! The cod I had for second was just another level just impressive! Our final bill came to € 50 per head with a glass of wine (Ramón Bilbao) desserts and coffee. A highly recommended restaurant. We’ll return without a doubt. Congratulations on a job well done!

A 10!

Glotón G, Barcelona

We liked everything. The place, the views, the service and the food. Rom is a restaurant right on the seafront. Very good quality products. Spectacular paella. We’ll repeat for sure!

Can’t wait to get back!